The Armenian Energy Agency plans to implement the entire development process into motion by acting as a consultant, mediator, supporter and initiator in the energy sector. The main objectives include.

  • Resolution Models for Key Sector Issues
    Considering the 
    Government’s prioritizations, the Foundation aspires to create economic models for sustainable development and infrastructure modernization. We need a strong basis to construct a truly powerful system which involves the improvement of energy access, efficient distribution, and consumption.
  • Strategic Target Development
    Taking into account the potential of the energy sector in the country and the range of possibilities, the Agency will implement programs aimed at market liberalization, regional integration, development of energy efficiency and renewables.
  • Raising Awareness
    We deem crucial to arm the pivotal forces of the energy sector with relevant knowledge and inform the broader audience of the current situation and  prospects of the sector. The Agency will form a platform for R&D, organize training, capacity building and create development models, information packages, estimates, and publications.
  • Coordination of Collaborative Efforts
    The advancement of the sector can only be efficiently implemented once it relies on an optimal, flexible and smooth context for cooperation. The Agency is an independent mediator between the private and public sectors, utility companies and consumers. We provide extensive investment protection and guidance throughout the entire energy field.